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Professional Bartender Services
You must provide the liquor, wine or beer. Additional items can be purchased (see the list on the right side of this page). All bartenders will be professionally dressed and equipped with the following bartending tools.

Pour Spouts for 750ml bottles
Ice Scooper
Wine Opener
Cutting Board
Garnish Tray
Bottle Opener
Beverage Napkins
Margarita Salt
Bar Mats
Napkin Caddies
Tables with Linens



Our starting rates are shown below.

Professional Bartender Rates

Pittsburgh: Starting at $150.00

Outside Pittsburgh: Starting at $165.00

** Since each event is unique, rates will vary from event to event. We have very competitive prices and will work with the event host to stay within the budget. Feel free to call us or fill out the form on our contact us page today to get a free quote

Call us for a quote today at 412-254-8474

For more questions regarding our bartending services please go to our contact us page, click here.



Additional Items That We Will Provide
All of the following items below will be provided at an additional charge. We will discuss this in our consultation before the event. Premier provides a hassle-free service package that includes all the extras so you don't have to worry about missing any details. Ask about our Extras Package today!

$7.00 / 100 Guests
$8.00 / 100 Guests

$10.00 / 100 Guests

$9.00 / 100 Guests

$8.00 / 100 Guests

$9.00 / 100 Guests

Cranberry Juice
$6.00 / Container (20 Servings)

$6.00 / Container (20 Servings)

Grapefruit Juice
$6.00 / Container (20 Servings)

Orange Juice
$6.00 / Container (20 Servings)

Soda Water
$6.00 / Container (20 Servings)

Pineapple Juice
$6.00 / Container (20 Servings)

Coke, Diet, Sprite (Soda)
$20.00 / 24 Case

9 oz. Cups (Plastic)
$30.00 / 100 Guests

Ice - Varies

Other things you should know:
•  We recommend 1 bartender for every 75 guests.

•  Please give us at least one week notice before reserving your event.

•  Gratuity is not included in the hourly rate and is up to the discretion of our clients. You, as the client, may allow the bartender to utilize a tip jar OR a cash gratuity may be given directly to the bartender at the end of the event.

• No minimum amount of hours required per event

• We are licensed and insured


Let us help you make your event a success with our bartender services.

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